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24 inches of pure, white fun.

First, we dug my car out with a large, plastic piece of someone's car that we found in the street. Then, we drove to the store and bought a shovel.

A Septa (public transit) bus got stuck just off my corner Sunday afternoon, and the city managed to dislodge it around 2pm Tuesday. I can't express the sheer gid of seeing the resulting traffic patterns.. walking to the corner store while 2 cars passed moving backwards, and 3 more cars facing them, only the ones reversing are the ones facing the right way on the one-way street. Every time I turned around another street was being blocked by stuck cars.. short little powerless cars, 4WD trucks and suvs, everything. Lineups of honking cars, people backing up entire blocks to find clear routes. Fun, fun, fun.

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