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Why did you keep the mousetrap?

I spent most of last night with a large number of packed bags surrounding me, searching through houses for forgotten mementos, things left behind. Different houses throughout the dream. Avoiding different people to find the things they try to hide. A stuffed bunny in a drawer. But that's.. real. Sitting on the floor of a room ringed entirely by bookshelves. That's real, too. Layering things I don't remember between layers of clothes in my bags. This went on for so long. And then, in my mom's house, also with my bags packed, waiting for some people still. And she wants me to draw something, or paint something? I end up drawing a person in spaghetti sauce behind/over the stove. Just spreading the sauce around with the back of a wooden spoon, it mostly looks like smeared sauce but also quite detailed in the face. There are other lines and colors as if I drew an outline, or laid it out first, but I didn't actually use anything besides the sauce. At the end, the awkward addition of arms onto shoulders not built to sit well with apendages. Then extending the piece on one side, the arm spread out along a wall, a small scene with a pencil-drawn bunny underneath.

Someone said, "Wake up."

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