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Not knowing how to type makes me cool.

I just now took an envelope to the post office to mail it. Let's go back in time and follow this envelope on it's magical journey around my apartment!

Before Xmas - I find a magnet at the card shop UnibomberV2.0 works at and steal it. Well, technically it was a gift from the store, I guess, as I brought a handful of trinkets to the register and was handed everything back in a bag with no request to pay. That's not stealing, right?

Some time during Xmas break - I ask a friend for a mutual online friend's RL addy so I can stealthily mail said magnet to said friend.

A few days later - I can't find any blank white labels to chop up and change the name on the magnet to my friend's name, so I resolve to grab some blank sticky labels next time I go to an appropriate store.

Early January - The magnet sits on my desk for a week.

Mid January - I buy the labels and change the name. The magnet continues to sit on my desk. Then, annoyed by my non-mailing ways, I stick it in my backpack between pages of a notebook, making it convenient to mail at some random time while I'm out. After a few days, I realize this isn't working and reinstate it's position on my desk.

Also mid January, kinda later than the other mid January - I buy a puffy envelope at Target! This way I can package it up and rastify the envelope 10% in the luxury of my own home, and the only step left will be shoving it towards a postal employee and hoping for the best.

The envelope sits in the bag 3 or 4 days.

Two weeks ago - I do the necessary packaging/sealing/stickering.

The envelope moves to a variety of locales, mostly within my bedroom. On the desk, on the floor, on the big box of videos, on the floor again, etc etc.

I take it out to my car. I am smart enough to slip the envelope above one of the visors so it's not just sitting on the seat or dashboard, but forgetful enough to not mail it. Several days of "Oh, yeah!"ing when I get in my car and "FUCK!"ing when I'm idly home remembering that I forgot go by, the envelope resumes it's prior spot on my floor.

Today - I force myself to bring it to the P.O. and it's finally on its way.

Post Script - I should note the most common spelling of envelope while actually writing this post was evnel. (I didn't forget the rest of the letters, just that by the time I got that far I'd notice and backspace it into recognizability.)

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