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Anyone who has not been involved in a wedding before, you would not believe the crap they try to sell in the guise of trinkety mementos. First they silver-plate everything. Then they fill it with almonds. Then they tattoo it, and then they hang it. Err.. then they stamp the wedding date on it, anyway.

Hopefully, the following email should deter anyone from inviting me to be party to their marital preparations ever again.

Okay, cool. Check this out. You'll like this.

{Ninjalicious} and I continued our conference from earlier. And we
decided that the new theme of your bridal shower is CHINESE
RESTAURANT. We've also found favours to put at everybody's place

See. You can put a piece of General Tso's chicken in each one.
One piece in each one. Let's not get carried away and put too much
chicken in the favour.

We could also maybe do sweet and sour chicken or pork or something.
But, that might wind up getting too expensive.

For decorations, she and I could go to that place in Bellmawr. You
know, the one with the "sweet and sour chinken" sign? We could go to them
and steal their shit and hang it up somewhere. For decoration.
If we also manage to steal some menus, I could staple them to the walls
and it could very well wind up looking CLASSY AS SHIT.

And of course, we could just order chinese food for the food part
of the show.

So. What do you think? :D

~{Meetzemonsta} and {Ninjalicious}

Oh, and you're damn lucky they don't make silver-plated leathermen, Newtx0r. Veeeery damn lucky.

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