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"While the other person holds" my ass!!

Note to self: Just grab the fucking cart when you're entering Target. "But oh!", you say, "If I don't grab a cart, I'll be so much less likely to buy things I don't need! I'll cut down that much on unnecessary purchases!" Just grab the cart and go in, and if you end up at the register with one pair of panties in that oversized cart, deal. At least you'll never end up scouring (yes, scouring) the music section desperately (yes, desperately) wishing you didn't have an alligator under your arm.

If I stab anyone in the face today, please don't take it personally. I was probably watching Brave New World. Not that I'm saying I am, or that I will. Just, erm.. if. I probably won't be grinding any CDs to dust in a garbage disposal, either.

The kindness of strangers is a wonderful thing, and as much as I've fucked up, sold and/or lost my soul on various occasions, and generally disrupted the flow, I still recieve it. As much as I dislike help, it feels really good to look a stranger in the eye and say "Thank you", and really mean it.

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