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Dreaming of mail

I live in a red brick building, on the upper of two floors. A woman lives below me. We never talk. Never make eye contact. (Much like my real neighbors) There is always a problem with the mail. I am missing mail. I suspect her. Late in the dream I see the mailman shove some small packages into two tube-entrances near the mailbox that are actually a sort of laundry chute that goes into the basement, so I knock on her door and ask if she has basement access. No, she says, the basement has been closed and locked for years upon years. It is a non-part of the building. But - our mail is going there! I explain what I saw and she says that's where her missing mail must be going, as well. We are talking about how we'll break into the basement when I realize I'm dreaming and let the last minutes pass by. I think the Sandman's the one who was sleeping tonight.

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