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On the outside, the building is like a catering hall.. receptions and weddings and the like. More like a school on the inside. Full of people.. sort of my age, but act much schoolier. On the way into the parking lot, I notice my one rear tire is torn, yet functionable. Inside, I end up sitting with The Bad People, thought I don't remember how, why, or why I stayed there because the whole time was very uneasy. We were in these rows on the floor.. little open tents in rows in a large, gym-like room. The people in this area were making some sort of illegal paraphanalia, but nothing "real". Someone made for me a large, reed mat. I had to help because the Bad People appearantly aren't very skilled. (The devil you say?!) The building's cops came around, and everyone seemed contect to sit there pretending their ill-gotten goods were innocent, and risk jail. I ran my rolled up mat over to another tent and stuffed it under what ammounted to a gym mat. Then started to walk out. I passed the cop-types slowly. The leader had dropped a huge wad of cash on the floor, and I tried to point it out to him, but he just waved me away irritatedly, so I picked it up and pocketed it. Rushing to my car now. I had another wrongfully obtained wad of cash, but too early in the dream to remember when. Almost out and I remember I left my shoes in the little tent. I double back in sock feet but don't want to risk it.. rush back out to the parking lot (as was the style at the time) and notice something hanging from the back of my car. It's bothe rear tires, all torn, but in a way that can still be used. Both front tires are half flat. I hop in, passed on the way out of the lot by a carful of cheery, clueless people. Last thought before open eyes is stopping for gas in my sock feets.

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