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You heard it here first, Harpers are jerkasses.

If anyone told you I woke up at 5something am because my nailpolish was chipped, I'd call them a dirty dirty liar. (For my next act, my pants catch fire.)

"No one is replaying because everyone knows harpers are jerkasses. They must meddle in EVERYTHING ALL THE DAMN TIME!!! For good or evil, harpers are there to stop you. Yeay harpers the meddlers of all and doers of nothing. All they want is perfect boring balance, and if you try to mess with that they will do anything in their power from keeping you, good or evil, from getting the upper hand.

I HATE HARPERS!!!! There i said it."
waiting for me was sweet though.. Now if only there'd be links to people harping on Mystrans in my mail!

Now then, if you'll excuse me I have to run around my house like a tool for a few hours.

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