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"Your ears pop twice on the way in and twice on the way out."

The xXxmas tally is as follows:

One fiber optic Jebus
One Hello Kitty purse w/candy necklaces
One third book of a series I haven't started
One chicken
Bath stuffs

On the way to The New Pope's place tonight, I whipped out my old stack of non-camo army pants that I haven't bothered looking at, let alone wearing lately. I tossed them all onto the bed instead of folding them back up before I left.. and when I came in picked the lump up and dropped it onto the floor. On the way out of my hands, I could feel a stiff, squarish form in a pocket. Investigation revealed a few folded pocket-pressed dollars, and the ticket stub for a movie I saw last April. No, not this past April. Last April. I've been looking for that stub for quite a while, actually, since it was from the day Colin and I met, and I never knew quite where it got to, or which day of which month this day transpired. I never really thought about it while we were together. After things fell apart, I got this morbid curiosity regarding the whole timeline. I feel kinda edgy about it now.. like my first inclination was to tell him "Hey guess what I found!".. but then I wondered if that would be too bizarre. But backtracking and sidewinding my logic trails doesn't seem to be helping much lately. Any thought that borders on premeditated ends up turning my ideal on it's head. Which is to say, thinkin' makes me dun fuck up! Of course, at this point of re-mulling, any action, including inaction, will feel like the too-thought-out-error.

I was watching Tim Curry be a pirate an hour ago.

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