the Ether Bunny (ninjalicious) wrote,
the Ether Bunny

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"Oh, no.. it's just that.. well, sometimes I wake up at 3am, and.."

Driving at night, everything changes shape. Trailer side-lights in my rear view mirror look like cop lights. A long shadow walks across the highway, under my wheels. My engine groans and tries to escape.

It wasn't that many hours ago that I considered shooting out of traffic and down the shoulder until I was either free, or a cop stopped me. If A, go home. If B, gratuitously punch, then, Adventure! Of course I sat there in my lane continuing to edge towards the exit, step by step, inch by inch.

Curves and one of those sound barrier walls.

Almost home and, Shaking my head back and forth, I say "No". It's a selfish no. My voice is weaker than it has to be.
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