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"Larry Flint is right! You guys stink!"

Every day I leave the house thinking "I will get a tree today!", every evening I come home remarkably treeless. I'm working on my second tree-stand and I think this one's a winner! (By "winner" I mean uglier than the first one, but the screws actually fit in the holes.) And I almost bought a cluster-fuck of rust-colored bells tied up with a ribbon, just because the tag called it "Christmas Swag". I'm learning this willpower thing though..

I think I left my gay porn pen behind on cookie night. Very sad, because no way in hell am I getting another one.

Ugh.. I just realized it's 7:44 and I haven't written anything for at least a half an hour. Guess it's time to hit the 'update' button..

The quote of the day is "Fucking die you fucking fucking fucking fuck.", and it goes out to Best Buys everywhere.

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