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"Cohese, motherfucker!"

All this baking without a mixer is making me super-strong. Not like Super-Hero strong or anything, but still pretty super. Last night chocolate chunk cookies at the smallest little WWE PPV/cookie baking par-tay ever, oatmeal raisin right now, maybe something else later. I should be making baklava today to make sure I have it nailed by Xmas evening, but oh well. "Maybe later.."

Stupid Target in stupid South Goblin Town was out of stupid Xmas tree stands, and I don't wanna go anywhere lately. I finally decided it was my moral imperative to get a real live tree of some sort, and I'm being foiled by The Man. I still bought a string of garland from The Man, and in fact some dark chocolate dipped gingerbread men as well, and some Eeyore swag. But I swear, really this time, no more giving The Man any more of my cash. Until I run of of gingerbread men, that is.

Sometimes I kinda hate this song.

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