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3:30pm - Three cop cars have cruised passed while I had an eye out the window at this point. "Hello, yes, I called about an hour ago requesting someone be sent out to take a stolen car report, is there any status on that I could get?" I end up giving my address again, and getting another, "Someone will be sent right out." I can't help but wonder if duplicates will eventually show.

3:48pm - Ahh, yes. My car was indeed "relocated within the neighborhood" for "streets division" to "take care of" that street. Streets division of who-what? I don't know. That street hasn't been plowed (most of our recent snow has melted sufficiently anyways), and can't have had the curb swept without plowing first. In fact, it looks exactly like it did this morning, only there are cars on it again. Not my car, mind you. They couldn't put the cars they moved back after their ominous (re:bogus) "streets division" maintenance. My car is located 2 blocks south between the same cross-streets.

4:14pm - I'm half tempted to start now on all the errands I had planned out for the day when I attempted to leave bright and early, but I'm just not up to seeing my mom now.

I'm beginning to think I probably shouldn't have mocked {Insert snazzy nickname here} yesterday for having moved to NJ from PA.

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