the Ether Bunny (ninjalicious) wrote,
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breaking the back of the universe, one straw at a time

Standing in the kitchen, trying to open a can of pop but my nails are wet, so I pry up the pop-top with a knife. Diet Mountain Dew lays a money shot over my hand. I rinse my hand as delicately as I can, trying not to interfere with the wet polish, standing there, blowing on my hand waiting for the water to dry. It feels like it takes forever. There's an element of stray guilt in standing, waiting at all.

I park badly, it's ok though, because I'm only going to have to run back out soon enough. Stepping around to the curb side, the rear tire is mostly up on the curb, and I'm close enough to a pole in the front to not be able to open the passenger door at all. Cringing as I walk away. Run inside long enough to document it and run back out to re-park. I feel too squidgy leaving it propped on the curb.

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