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Dreams are like water

In a group of people, we are together together, not just milling about. Going somewhere, we're in the building with the swinging swaying elevators that con dreams pool up in. Just this once we're not going up, we're sitting on the floor in the lobby, warning the people who head towards the elevator doors. Warning them they might fall down, the building is always about to collapse, or wants everyone to think it is. And then in a long hallway, still sitting on te floor, because we are just that cool, or just that slack. Other people are moving past and around us, all dressed up because now they're putting on a haunted house. They are rushed and full of effort and purpose, as people running haunted houses always are. Or always will be. Or never were. And suddenly, KT is comming down the hall towards us, wearing an enourmous and regal gother than goth gown, with an entourage flitting and flustering around her, in her wake. Comming towards us, and she was going to stop? But then time moves us to another place, and we're clustered together talking and hushed outside a haunted house, a real haunted house and we're about to venture in. Spend the night, examining, exploring. We're going to reveal it. One of the people in our group is someone I used to work with but never knew each other, beyond knowing that he thought I was a Bad Person. Distant in the group but no hostility. We pick up a stranger, a female, on the way in, and people tend to turn to her when scary things happen. Waiting to blame. Through dark hallways, up stairs, through candlelit rooms. Resident Evil house-like. (Minus zombies) Finally, group consensus decides to get the hell out of dodge. Nothing has happened, but there is the maybe later looming over us. As we rush out the front it's revealed in scared conversation that that guy I used to work with is the one who suggested and pushed for us to leave, he was wearing a patch (Like nicotine ones, but not.) and was afraid it would run out during the night. What would happen without it? I don't know, I don't know what purpose it served.

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