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"I hate you, by the way. :p"

Today feels like the shortest day in the world. I leave for SF tomorrow evening, and won't be back for 10 days + recovery time. In a little while I take Sneaky Pete and Sprockets to their respective safehouses. I feel so bad leaving Sprockets alone that long. I mean.. not alone alone... but yeah.. I don't wanna drop him off. Poor little guy. First I'll dissapear for 10 days, then when I return, a trip to the vet for his fixification. Nothing but sunshine and lollipops for my pitten!

I've been packing for 2 days now and I still have too much not done. Did I mention I'll be {cue ominous music} outside of my home {/music} for ten whole days?

I don't know if I can take it. Who planned this trip anyway? Oh, right. Me.

I really could use those Gloves of Cosmetology, you know.

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