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Why did you keep the mousetrap?

I just found out a house I used to live in "completely collapsed in on itself", four months after the last time I was in it. The so-called landlord (Also known as That Crazy Russian Doctor Who Claimed To Not Believe In 'Newfangled Technology' Like Pagers And Answering Machines So He Never Had To Fix Anything, also known as That Fucker, also known as Michael (Ok, you have to imagine someone 1/3 of his age calling him by his first name as he talks down to him for that name to make sense.) was having work done on the upper floor, adding a whole new level that would look to the naked eye like an attic, but he appearantly tried to pass it off as another apartment. (Much like the 2 foot wide strip of overgrown weeds along-side the garage was a "backyard".) The work, which was in progress for about 3 years at that point, along with a good amount of snow, simply crushed the building.

I still have the world's biggest paint chip, stolen from that house.

Ok, not so much stolen as taken.

I remember not being able to get over how inordinately decrepit the place looked last time I was there. I guess being 4 months from death'll do that to a house.

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