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Senora's song has no title

Less than a week until I fly, fly away.

My left shoulder's been kinda achey in that way that it hadn't been since I ended physical therapy last December. Although that implies an untruth, when I say "hadn't" I mean "hadn't until some point after I told someone it hadn't", not "hadn't until this week". But yes. Legalese aside, acheyness.

Every night I want to get drunk, get high, stay up late until I crash into bed because I can't keep keep my eyes open, my head up. Every morning I want to pop out of bed at the crack of dawn. More often than not neither gets done, the rope pulled taut enough to sabotage both desires. I go to bed early and wake up late.

Communication is at an all time low. Expression not far behind.

So what was I saying? Oh yeah, new Halloween Simpsons!

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