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farmer versus vermin, or vice versa

I was so wrong! Kids do trick-or-treat around here! Maybe not too much, but as I left last night I saw multiple packs of costumed kids ringing doorbells. Or knocking on doors anyway. I suspect they were just knocking on the front doors and not ringing the bells for the upper floors, but oh well. It still made me giddy to see them out and about.

I ended up at a mall with Ze Monsta and the Engineer, and expected that to be more of a filler.. a place we'd endure for the sake of not staying in her place all night.. but that was actually cool in itself as well. I hadn't even considered the possibility of it being full of trick-or-treating kids. No overly interesting costumes, but still! With all the dissuasion I've seen over the past few years about the evils of candy, the evils of strangers, and the evils of costumes, I guess I've assumed people were choosing to stay at home more than they are. Get out there kids. "Think about the candy! Focus on the candy!"

The best thing about Halloween being over at this point is the end of those bile-inducing hackle-raising commercials for some Halloween event with the ending disclaimer of, "Please keep in mind anyone arriving in costumes, face paint, or masks will not be allowed entry."

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