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Lots of people living in a large, old, apartment building. The kind with curling stairways large enough for more people to use at once than all the people in the building together. But still, a large building. Retro fanciness somewhat greyed and faded, but not to the point of ruin or decay. Mostly people I know lived there.. I was staying temporarily. The Demon was there, and he had two kittens.. not Pommie and Thalia, and completely different. Kitteny and one was striped. I went driving in a shorter, straighter car than my own. (Just as grey) I saw two children driving in a car.. in the passenger's seat, about 10. The driver maybe 6. I turned to follow then, they looked distressed. Not in trouble, maybe, but heading for it, or dealing with it. They made an odd turn down a skinny street in an area I wasn't familiar with.. I made a U in the middle of an unreally wide intersection and was unsettled about the slim street. So I went back the was I came, and now the car feels so slow. Slower than running speed. I couldn't go fast enough to feel safe. When I got back to the apartments, the Demon was preparing to move out, and telling me he'd given up the kittens because he couldn't take them with him, or wouldn't. I felt sick, I wished he'd told me, I wanted to take them for him. I went into the room I was staying in, high celienged, dim, and the floor covered in clothes (no furniture) and layed down, just feeling ill inside, mad at him, feeling bad for the kittens.

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