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In a woods. A large house, in the woods, where they live, the woman is nailed to her bed. Large spikes. Invalid. "Remember, if he burns the ground, nothing will ever grow again", said from a mother to daughter. They leave, (the daughter, the guy). Fire. (But it is the second fire? A generation ago another fire? But everything is grown? No scorched earth.) All the cats from my mom's house live there but I don't know yet. The neighbors are there too outside helping with the fire. But everyone is too lazy to help effectively. Someone brings a fire hose in as the house burns with large flames, I pull the woman off her bed and carry her downstairs, needing to hold her upright, ducking her head below the flames. No blood from where the spikes came out. The bed is old wood like a pallet and the spikes are rusty. I am yelling outside for someone to come and help, to call an ambulance. The house at this point is my mom's house on the outside, that neightborhood. (Same dfferent house inside) Once some people gather to help her, laid out in front sidewalk, I run back in and take over the hose. Most of the fire is out but some small poofs back up within wood spaces like cabinets. Put it out easily and go through the entire house soaking everyting. That's when I find the cats, all hiding upstairs, but not terrified, just not knowing what was going on, and they're more afraid of the water than anything else. I herd them downstairs. Keep seeing the rusty spkes.

It's raining outside.

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