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this monkey can't stand to see you black and blue

Why are the most addictive songs the ones you're not "supposed to" listen to? The kind of songs you just slap in the Winamp on repeat, as the lyrics or mood disintegrate you.

I felt like Cinderella today. Doing laundry at my mom's place, and the washer spilled over.. I spent the following hour glad I was wearing high sneakers and sopping up the water (all dirtified from her dirty, dirty floor) with an old rag and squeezing it into the sink. I need to club a Sears delivery guy and drag a washer and dryer up here. I can put them out on my roof, and do my laundry at night, and so can all the neighborhood cats and ninjas and whoever else would be on my roof. (But not those people next door who scared the everloving hell outta' me.)

Acorns for you.

This time tomorrow a ninja will be in my house!!!

I mean, another ninja.

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