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Terrifying dream.

First of all, I couldn't climb trees fast enough at all. I had to carry a small hatchet between my teeth. It was in the spirit of pranking and theft but still scary. I had to cheat. I would be in a tree, and someone would be getting too close by natural means, and I would be struggling the climb down and be quiet all at once, and end up programming myself into the next tree. There was an oldly metal trailer that had these sneaky dark-clad bandits.. the ones I was pranking. Pranking for the military! I think the fact that I was in some sort of military heirarchy, a rather unfriendly one, was the real source of fear. Oh yeah? Perhaps. People were not nice to each other or to me. Fear of everyone's anger. I used my hatchet on the trailer when the bandit leader was away, just to make a small hole, and had a shaking escape. Moving between trees, while the leader tried to catch up with me. Somehow I ended up back in the tree right over the trailer again, but high above them, and I planted this small metal device that played music. I don't think they could hear it. Secret music over their heads. The tree was all broken up by the time I got it implanted. A huge trunk, a few splits, and where the branches were missing, lots of splintered wood. I had to get away fast and ended up back at my own base camp. Where the real bad people were. Hating and threatening and everyone at cold war with everyone else. Brandishing rank when possible and cowtowing in mock respect when they couldn't. I was at the bottom of the echelon so my embittered commander took frustrations out on me. There was much hate. A small amount of sympathy. Very small. I was washing my hands in some high-up person's bathroom (with permission of course.. sympthy, right?) when an alarm went off. I came out and the room was full of officers and I didn't get searched for stolen trinkets, even though I expected to. The emergency was too high. Planning and fear in them. No. Apprehension? No. Worry. Yes! Stressful strategy. Security was breached. I think by the bandits. Then, awake.. in fear.

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