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If you come to battle, bring a shotgun.

I'm tired and I don't want to move my car. It's parked around the corner. I am in my house. I "got home". I should be relaxing (sans flavoured coffee powder) and soon off to bed. I don't really want to walk 10 blocks to get home again.

I want to know what my mom did with all my stagecrew sticks.. the long dowel things with hooks on the ends. I'd also like a copy of our HS production of Mame, just so I can see my haystack flat left out in a house scene. What kind of lameass stage crew member neglects their flats between scenes, anyway?

It doesn't matter if we're quoting the Simpsons or reminiscing, we always say the same thing at the same time.

Please Jebus. I've been out all day. I'm very sleepy. Please float my car down to the parking lot. I promise I'll burn up one of those photographs of people violating your cemetary statue if you do this one, simple teleportation for me.

"I got tricked into going to a Tupperware demonstration when I was in a coven."

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