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Mostly missing

The longest days have the most to write, the least written, and the most typos.

I took some steps towards car closure. Luck and neutrality on my side.

I took a moment of downtime, on the way to a certain Pope's house, to stop at That Damned Tree Park and swing alone. I started thinking about a year. Well, a year's worth of time, anyway, that I used drugs for Evil. And then I almost fell off the swing. So I stopped. (When you look up, the tree looks like it's moving.)

I was gonna geek out Fae style here, but it's all so pathetic. Instead I will try to remember where I put that conjoined-twins-with-caps acorn set. Then I will eat them. Yes, I am lying. But I'm thinking about eatting them RIGHT NOW.

I wish I could remember why I get so damned gleeful thinking about spreading random misery. I probably don't want to remember. Of course, as everyone knows, it's certainly not because I'm a bad person.

I want to key every car parked on my block. Especially the bouncy one.

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