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I said Boooooeggs.

I just got some Halloween cards out of the bags I left them in from this past week. Put them into a drawer with Easter cards from this spring.

Somewhere, there is a box with skull candles and little votive holders with black cats and pumpkins on the side. Scary streamers, little spider trinkets. A tree of baren branches to hang little monsters on strings on. Ghosts and skeletons. Also, a box of Nightmare Before Christmas party stuff. Paper plates, hats, those noise things with an unfurling paper. Halloween magic. Potent stuff.

I keep arguing this "whether or not I was feeling hermitty" thing with Sensitive Artist. It keeps ending with me saying Fuck you if you don't believe me. And of course, I keep telling myself I'm not gonna argue it anymore. (Yay me.) Granted, it hasn't been that frequent, but I got a long response to my email this morning, and I feel simply enraged about so much. Maybe he thinks if he keeps pressing it I'll at least elaborate on "personal reasons". Maybe not, maybe he simply thinks it's a ruse. I should add, this is the only person I have ever in my life hit out of anger. Many, many years ago, and now that you mention it I probably shouldn't have mentioned it, but as the saying goes.. ""

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