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Soaked to the skin

Blue Morning
The last thing I do before I'm out the door this morning is stuff my toothbrush into a front jacket pocket. I'm happy in the car. Chipper, perhaps. I see a sad/mad/bad person in a mirror, and I wish she'd remember something, a reason to smile right now. The car breaks down in a comely neighborhood. I'm closer there than here so I press on in the slight drizzle on foot. (After a few moments of pointless fluttering about the dead car.) My black canvas bag (Can "bags" be rectangular?) weighs heavy in my hand, pulling my arm a bit. I like the large, no-nonsense zipper that runs the length of it. The tiny pockets inside perfectly sized for this and that. (Though most hold lipstick.) No one offers me a lift. This shirt only goes over so well at gaming conventions. (Roll the dice, la la la!) I pass a honeysuckle bush. Stop and smile. Twist off a flower and suck it dry for my own enjoyment. Pleasure. I'm hot and tired and still a bit flustered about the dead metal bits when I arrive. Water as vallium. Feature Presentation is Titus (Re: Andronicus). "He's puuuurty." I get the urge to lick a cat. Some urges are just too furry to carry out.

White Afternoon
Waiting for AAA.
She leaves to retreive her forgotten card.
Tow truck arrives.
Ore departs.
Waiting for her.
Stand under an enormous tree as it starts to rain, remaining dry and warm and snug wrapped in my soft cloth jacket that smells like laundry even though it hasn't been washed in ages.
Waiting for her.
Raining harder so that I have to move in towards the trunk, standing on a large root. It's wet were I was before.
I wish I was home.
Waiting for her.
Raindrops on my head.
I wish I was anywhere but here, getting soaked to the skin.
A split second of shadow crosses into my vision on my face, from behind.
I keep thinking "This is when the police officers tell me I'm under arrest for sitting on the grass, and my friends are detained for miswearing of sunglasses."
Here's a fine an' dandy place to be, yep-yep!
Waiting for her.

Red Evening
Shouting into the phone crying into the borrowed unbrella stalking into the rain tears shoot out of my eyes in anime jets my chest heaves indignant rage and mourners tears I feel at once utterly alone and as one with everyone.

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