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Top 10 Most Popular Sites for "invocation"

I hate dreaming about my mom. Just woke up from some kind of invasion. Forgotten prelude, memory starts where my brother had just cued me in that she was comming to his place. I went to my front door, which was unlocked. I turned the deadbolt to the sound of breathing from the other side. *click* Walked away and paced around my apt. Sometime later she came in, or rather, she was in. Had gotten in. I'd like to stop this hide and seek.

One day I'm gonna tell my theory of anti-communication. How there are words which exist for the sole purpose of destroying any understanding and dividing thought. Unfortunately and obviously, to do that requires the invocation of such words. So maybe I'll just leave a manuscript in a safety deposit box so people can misunderstand and misappropriate me only when I'm dead.

"Honest to God, I don't think most of those people understand you at all, and are actually on edge worrying about being banned and such"

I feel like I'm all watered down. Lacking valuable nutrients. Sugars. Thinned out and achey. And I can't find the pic I was looking for. A dozen pics of the cover of a book and no pics of the internal art. Insert scanner complaint again.

This one is cute and slick in that way that pics other people made can be, but it's not what I was looking for, and it's not what I wanted to post. And I'm probably posting it for want of another pic. Which is better than want of a Turnip, I feel.

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