the Ether Bunny (ninjalicious) wrote,
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I am full of deadly poison.

Spider poison.

Mr. "I was 30 seconds away from having a name once" is safely tucked away in my mom's basement. I had to sorta break in, because she's been excruciatingly lame about the doors lately. (Since her husband moved out.) I find it funny knowing that the pseudo locks are pointless, if I can get in, he can definately get in. Poor little guy.. he was so behaved in the car, only crying when I was actually walking with the pet carrier. When we were driving he just sat there calmly looking around. Sweeeet. A water cat and a car cat! I should take him for drives sometime and see how he holds up.

It's wierd.. I keep thinking I hear sounds of him running around and stuff.

Next time, just crawl down my throat like a normal spider instead of biting me please.

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