the Ether Bunny (ninjalicious) wrote,
the Ether Bunny

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What could possibly placate my disgruntledness over Lego quitting ninja production and turning to nothing but Star Wars and Jesus H. Potter? Why the Playmobile Nativity set, of course! It doesn't have a super-exciting blurb-star exclaiming "Bears with fish!" for all the world to see, but it does have sacred plastic goodness.

I think perhaps there are too many half gallons of Wawa iced tea in my fridge. It has a secret ingredient that makes you crave it fortnightly. "It's water, sugar, and caffeine, together as one! It's nature's perfect food!" The smell of weeed lingered the entire block and a half between my car and front door. I want to get in a fist fight with someone. Yet so sleepy. Pillow-meld now. Fight later.

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