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"Snakes for some, spiders for others."

KT asked me to come down and tie her corset before Dracula's Ball tonight. Sometimes I wonder if skipping all the goth stuff in Philly makes me seem like a #1 jerk. (Hush up Pope, we agree to disagree!) I guess I'd go if there were any bands I wanted to see/hear. (Goodness knows the horror of horrors it was to see Bauhaus and Sisters of Mercy right here in Goblin Town. How could I bear it?!!@!~) But FFS, I am not going to Drac's Big Ole Birthday Ye Partay just to see Tapping the Vein again. Fucking Philly bands.

I'm going to go buy a pile of CDs at Dancing Ferret. Fuck all y'all haters.

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