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"Roll a d20."

My car doesn't feel nearly so surreal with more than 20 lbs of air in the one tire.

I thought it was goth music I was looking for, turns out maybe to be blissrock? Or maybe I just enjoy it more. I'm just dismissing goth, then. "I'd drape myself in velvet if it was socially acceptable." How can I dismiss that?

I keep thinking about when I saw one of those white crosses that tend to litter the sides of highways, marking "unfortunate incidents". Not just one - one with a person kneeling over it laying some flowers on the ground. My organs just kinda shoved upwards and I had to put on the pressure to avoid vomitting in my car. And it bothers me that I can't describe it in any but the most simplistic terms. I have a photographic imprint of the cross, the person, the grass around them. And the instant violence inside me. And I keep trying to write about it in a way that isn't a stick figure of a skeleton.

It has been said that memory can change the shape of a room. A crappy webcam can change so much more!

UnibomberV2.0 was asking what CDs I want to burn of his. While the tentative answer was of course "everything", I think large chunks of LPD are going to skip to the front of the line. Sometimes it strikes me as pure and present insanity, the volume of CDs I don't own. Especially considering "Music is my crack."

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