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Random Iniquities - Set in Stone

When I pass under City Hall, I find it hard not to stare. My eyes gaze upwards, absorbing the stone, structure, feeling dwarfed and insignificant and ever so expatriate. Walking or driving. Drawn to it like a... a.. like something to something else, I'm not up for witty at the mo. The word "JUSTICE" carved over the main archway. I want to live in the street under this building. I want to see it towering over me like a beautiful stranger every day. Untouchable. Unbreakable.

Buildings and torture. I drove out of the city today. Wrapped in a jacket at 76 degrees, forward momentum just under the speed limit. (Irrelevant details added for no reason...) (Dots extending towards nothing, leading nowhere.) Moving through the full extent of the Temple campus I get the feeling in my stomach. A feeling. That feeling. Twisted. Knotted organs. Another slave to perception. Rows of red flags line the street. I cower under them feeling the part of an urchin. As soon as the feeling comes, the reaction comes. I want to kill it. I want to feel nothing. "I'm a sucker for humanity", said with a laugh and a smile and of course it's ok. No. Of course it's not ok. As if being a sucker for anything ever really feels "ok".

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