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Everything sucks, sometimes.

It has come to my attention that everything I own sucks and needs me to improve it. I got these whiskey-cherries, but they smelled like whiskey and tasted like cherries. So I broke the seal on the SoCo and whiskied them up. Later I got a cherry coke, and of course it needed cherry aid. It came in the form of re-whiskied-cherries. Cycle of life, and all that. One hand slaps the other.

I completely forgot to write about losing my balance at the top of my stairs the other day. It was harmless and I caught myself right away, but I couldn't get the thought out of my head the rest of the day how g0ddamned funny it would be for me to wind up in the hospital or dead wearing a pink shirt that says "Little Bunny Foo-Foo" on it and a grey/pastel blue hoodie-jacket-thing. I can imagine my mom walking right past me asking where her daughter is.

Jerkface Rends-the-Flesh's new hobby - and the aftermath. It's so cute and sad-like. Maybe he needs a new, more dysfunctional name.

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