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"Just call him Jerkface."

Ooh yeah! I didn't have any silly ol' anthrax after all. Some Wiccan prolly cursed me in ill anticiation of Sunday night. My recent malaise broke into full frontal body attack and I spent yesterday rolling around in pain/tossing my cookies/etc. I must have puked out all the demons 'cause I awoke to full faculty around 4am. What a relief. What relief, even. I have so many things to catch up on, so much neglect from the past week. (If not more)

I'm actually making a list.. eesh.

Kittenbotten managed to drag out my little goals/rumours slip from last Gencon's Larp, somehow. I can't imagine where it was, I guess I'd left it somewhere bitable instead of in a box somewhere as I'd assumed. "You support Rod and only Rod." /snicker I think I have a new answer to an old question.

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