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I've got the anthrax.

My left calf seems to finally be almost normal. (Wednesday or thursday when I woke up it was all numby, but only the skin. Like.. the muscles moved and felt normal, but whenever I touched my skin, it had the tingly "asleep" feeling.) (And it feels mostly normal now..) Last night I did something to my eye enough to keep it sore all day. (When I woke up it was tearing like mad, but I don't even know if I got something in it, or poked myself, or if His Name Isn't Sprockets Damnit attacked me with his mind or something.) (Since there are no marks.) And of course, my brain has been so tapped out I lost to the French on Chieftan mode the other night. That's just ridiculous.

Caffeine doesn't wake me up. Ephedrine just makes me vibrate for a while then sleepy. I feel like there's something I'm overlooking. Even NyQuil doesn't seem to keep me asleep through the night. And it doesn't set in as drastically fast anymore, either. Darn it all to heck!

I may as well admit I jabbed my own eye or something. I mean I'm the one who was considering getting one of those bed railings they use to keep toddlers from falling on the floor in the night.

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