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I need new speakers. I don't want them. I don't desire them. I need them. Tomorrow. New speakers.

It's a sad thought to think of your conscious brain as your enemy. (Or my concious brain as my enemy, whatever.) Half my thoughts lately have been related to tucking it in for nap time. Here are your cookies and milk. Now lie down and shut up. I'll wake you when I feel like it.

More screwing around. Maybe next time I'll do something silly like put the keys in the ignition. I promise nothing.

Despite the pre-prior paragrpah, my brain feels like it's been sucked out of my head today. Fully fatigued. Insert Psychic Vampire joke/some other kind of sass I can't form into a full sentance here. I don't want a tinfoil hat, but a little cheesecloth would be sweet right now. In the spirit of aimless meandering malcontent, I am wearing my most offensive shirt right now. It is my non-violent non-verbal alternative to flaming someone in a possition I know is hopeless. So instead of typing "OMG you sux0r moron!!@", I wear my shirt. I know it's working. I can feel it.

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