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You still can't have my Bud

I am man enough to admit when I make the wrong decision. Logically, I am sure I should have gone to GenCon. It's quite easy to admit to after it's practically over, of course. I'm not saying definitively. Just that I know it's entirely possible, on some plane of existance, that I really "should have" gone. I am sure many people are going to agree with that theory. Last year in Milwaukee, various wicked-awesome oportunities, and on and on. But while I'm confessing this, and wondering that, and contemplating the other, I still stand by my decision/assumptions.

It's entirely possible I would have had amazing fun. Surely "last Gencon" vibe would have pulled it's share of the weight. NPCing in an amazing larp with people I damn near worship, might have been a tad cool, I confess.

Maybe I'm a coward.

That's a possibility I won't deny.

Maybe I should be taking more risks.

I remember a feeling.. 2 or 3 seconds of pure confusion. Awkard uneasiness. Maybe that's what I'm afraid of. Chaos. Change. Forfeiture. Nothingness. Rinse and repeat.

What does this have to do with a gaming convention?

Listen very closely.. you'll hear the sound carried on a thousand winds.

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